Late 1980s Fan-club only cassette. Later re-released on CD.


Peter "Zip" Boker (Michael Pugh) - Vocals

Philip Pilf (Tim Smith) - Guitar + Synth + Vocals

Patty Pilf (Jim Smith) - Bass

Duncan Doilet (Colvin Mayers) - Vocals + Synth

Little Bobby Shattocks (Mark Cawthra) - Drums

Track listing:

Aukamacic, Icky Qualms, Piffol Four Times*, Scratching Crawling Scrawling, As Cold As Can Be In An English Sea,

T.V.T.V.*, My Trademark, The Obvious Identity, Piffol One Time*, A Game For Berties Party,

Piffol Three Times*, Rock Around The Clock.

Tracks marked with asterisks are demos done by Tim Smith and Dominic Luckman as a side project that never made it to release until this compilation came out. The rest of the songs here are taken from the first 2 cassette releases, "The Obvious Identity" and "Toy World"


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