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A Bus For A Bus On A Bus (7")
The Obvious Identity (Cassette)

PLEASE NOTE ; There is another Cardiac Arrest single from 1979 called "Running In The Streets"
This has NOTHING TO DO WITH CARDIACS, it was another band with the same name.

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Toy World (Cassette Album)
Archive CARDIACS (Cassette + CD Album)
The Seaside (1st version Cassette Album, 1984)
Seaside Treats (12 inch single)
Mr + Mrs Smith + Mr Drake (Cassette Album)
Big Ship(12 inch single)
Rude Bootleg (Vinyl, Cassette + CD Album)
Theres Too Many Irons In The Fire (12 inch single)
A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window (All versions, Vinyl, Cassette + CD Album)
Is This The Life? (7 inch and 12 inch single)
Susannahs Still Alive (7 inch and 12 inch single)
CARDIACS Live (Vinyl, Cassette + CD Album)
Baby Heart Dirt (7 inch and 12 inch single)
On Land And In The Sea (Vinyl, Cassette + CD Album)
The Seaside (2nd version, Vinyl, Cassette + CD Album, 1990)
Night Tracks (Janice Long Session) (12 inch single)
Songs For Ships And Irons (Vinyl, Cassette + CD Album)
Day Is Gone (12 inch or CD single)
SEA NYMPHS Appealing To Venus (7 inch single)
Heaven Born And Ever Bright (Vinyl, Cassette + CD Album)
Bellyeye (CD single)
All That Glitters Is A Maresnest (CD Album)
All That Glitters Is A Maresnest (Video)
Sampler (CD Album)
Tim Smiths Extra Special Oceanland World (CD Album)
SEA NYMPHS: Sea Nymphs (CD and Cassette Album)
Sing To God Pts 1+2 (CD Album)
Manhoo (CD single)
Odd-Even (CD single)
SEA NYMPHS: Appealing To Venus (CD reissue with 4 bonus tracks)
Sleep All Eyes Open (CD single)
Guns (CD Album)
Signs (CD single)

Radio Leeds session (Aired October 19th 1987)
Radio1 - Janice Long show 1987 (Aired November 27th 1987)
Radio1 - Mark Radcliffe show #1 (Aired 24th April 1995)
GLR Radio - Lunchtime Acoustic Session (Broadcast LIVE on May 16th 1995)
Radio1 - Mark Radcliffe show #2 (Aired 11 June 1996)
Radio1 - SEA NYMPHS: Peel Session (Aired 5 Nov 1998)
BBC Choice - "Inside Tracks" programme (Aired 13 June 1999)

CARDIACS have also appeared on a few compilation LP/EP's including
"Snoopies", "Really Weird", "Shangri La (Kinks tribute)", "Slaughterhouse" box-set,
"CD88", "Goosebumps", the CND video compilation, "Night Of The Banshee, "All Shapes And Sizes",
"Best Of Radio 1 Evening Sessions", "Pirates of The Panasoniks"
All the above stuff has been DELETED in its original form except "Sing To God" onwards.

CD reissues of all albums up to "Heaven Born" were released in summer 1995 in slightly different packaging.
None of the above recordings have ever been offered as Picture discs or Coloured Vinyls.


ALPHABET - Surbiton Assembly Rooms '85. (Un-issued.Only about 20 GENUINE copies exist)
JETTISOUNDZ JE140 - Seaside Treats Video. (3 versions exist, all virtually identical)
FOTODISK LFV116 - Maresnest (Live at Salisbury 30.6.90)
ORG are threatening to release footage of the mindblowing triple-gig at the Barfly (Falcon) in the near future, also possible re-issues of the "Seaside Treats" and "Maresnest" videos. MAYBE...