Cassette album, June 1980

Private Release, sold at gigs and via mail order.


Peter "Zip" Boker (Michael Pugh) - Vocals (Tracks 1 and 2)

Philip Pilf (Tim Smith) - Guitar + Synth (+ Vocals on remaining tracks)

Patty Pilf (Jim Smith) - Bass

Duncan Doilet (Colvin Mayers) - Vocals + Synth

Little Bobby Shattocks (Mark Cawthra) - Drums

Track listing:

The Obvious Identity, Visiting Hours, Pip As Uncle Dick But Peter Spoilt It, To Go Off And Things, Rock Around The Clock, Leaf Scrapings, A Game For Berties Party, Cameras, Bite 3/a, Pilf, Let Alone My Plastic Doll, A Balloon For Berties Party


Obvious Identity inlay, front side Obvious Identity inlay, back side

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