Alphabet Business Concern ALPH005 / ALPHCD005

Vinyl album and Cassette, 1986

CD reissue, 1995

Very rough and ready official bootleg recorded on cassette at the very last muddy minute at the Reading Rock Festival, August 24th 1986. Excellent quality considering circumstances.

The cassette version was bundled with "Little Man And A House" for a while, as a special value pack.

All the 12 inch vinyl copies are white labels in a plain white sleeve. Some had an A4 paper insert on white, or pastel blue paper. The only markings are a rubber stamp on the cover, which is repeated on the centre labels. Don't be conned by unscrupulous dealers trying to sell you a "test pressing" of this LP, they ALL look like that :-)


Tim Smith - Guitar + Vocals / Jim Smith - Bass / Sarah Smith - Sax

William.D.Drake - Keyboards / Dominic Luckman - Drums / Tim Quy - Percussion

Track listing

The Icing On The World, To Go Off And Things, In A City Lining, Tarred and Feathered, Big Ship
I'm Eating In Bed, Is This The Life, The Whole World Window

Rude Bootleg cover Rude Bootleg insert

Cover and insert from the original 12 inch vinyl "Rude Bootleg"

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