Privately Released Limited Edition Cassette - 1992

Alphabet Business Concern ALPHCD021 - CD, 1995

The rumours that three key members of Cardiacs both past and present, namely Tim Smith, Sarah Smith and William D. Drake had been secretly recording material under the name of "The Sea Nymphs" for a new album soon to be released through the Alphabet Business Concern have been proved to be true. The
facts of the matter were brought to our attention by the trusted services of our hirelings and we have deemed it appropriate at this time to reveal these interesting findings.

This is a continuation of the "Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake" side project from 1986.


Tim Smith - Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Vocals

Sarah Smith - Sax, Recorder, Percussion and Vocals

William D. Drake - Keyboards and Vocals

Track listing

The Spirit Spout, Shaping The River, Nil In The Nest, A Thousand Strokes And A Rolling Suck, Christ Alive
Mr.Drake's Big Heart, Lucky Lucy, Gods Box, Piano Interlude, Up In Annie's Room, Mr.Drake's Big Heart Reprise
The Psalm Of Life, In The Corner Of Sin, Tree Tops High, Dog Eat Spine, Sarah On A Worm
Lilly White's Party, Appealing To Venus, Abade

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