THE SEASIDE (second version)

Alphabet Business Concern ALPH013 / ALPHCD013

Vinyl album, Cassette and CD, 1990

CD, 1995

Re-release of 1984 cassette, but missing 4 songs, and with a redesigned "flowerpot" cover.


Tim Smith - Guitar + Vocals / Jim Smith - Bass / Sarah Smith - Sax

William.D.Drake - Keyboards / Dominic Luckman - Drums / Tim Quy - Percussion

Mark Cawthra (Drums on Wooden Fish.., Ice A Spot.., and To Go Off..)

Track listing:

Jibber And Twitch, Gina Lollabridgida, Hello Mr Sparrow, It's Lovely Day, A Wooden Fish On Wheels,

Hope Day, Ice A Spot And A Dot On The Dog, R.E.S., To Go Off And Things.

Seaside 1990 revised cover

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