Alphabet Business Concern

Double Pack parts 1 + 2 - ALPHCD022, 1995 (limited run of 3,000)

Part 1- ALPHCD023, 1995

Part 2- ALPHCD024, 1995

Monster epic double CD, "not-a-concept-album", Cardiacs at their most experimental.

Tim stresses this is NOT a religious work, Bill Drake used to have a childrens hymn book called "Sing To God" and it sounded like a nice title.


Tim Smith - Guitar + Vocals + Keyboards / Jim Smith - Bass

Bob Leith - Drums / Jon Poole - Guitar / Claire Lemmon - Backing Vocals

Track listing: Part ONE

Eden On The Air, Eat It Up Worms Hero, Dog Like Sparky, Fiery Gun Hand, Insect Hoofs On Lassie
Fairy Mary Mag, Bellyeye, A Horse's Tail, Manhoo, Wireless

Track listing: Part TWO

Dirty Boy, Billion, Odd Even, Bell Stinks, Bell Clinks, Flap Off You Beak, Quiet As A Mouse
Angleworm Angel , Red Fire Coming Out From His Gills, No Gold, Nurses Whispering Verses, Foundling

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