Jettisounds JE140

VHS Video, 1984

3 songs from "The Seaside" cassette, plus a 15 minute film called "The Consultants Flower Garden", a foot-in-mouth insight into Cardiacs behaviour and day to day life offstage starring Miss Swift, The Consultant, and CARDIACS (being lovable funsters and BLOODY good sports)

"This is William D. Drake. Sometimes we call him Bill. The Consultant will NEVER call him "Bill" as his hatred for him is far too great..."

A very few "Seaside bags" were sold, these contained the 12 inch, the book, the poster, the video, a badge, and a stick of Cardiacs seaside rock!


Tim Smith - Guitar + Vocals / Jim Smith - Bass / Sarah Smith - Sax

William.D.Drake - Keyboards / Dominic Luckman - Drums / Tim Quy - Percussion

Mark Cawthra (Drums on To Go Off And Things)

Track listing:

Consultants Flower Garden, A Little Man And A House, R.E.S., To Go Off And Things.


(my battered copy of Seaside Treats...)

See also "Seaside Treats 12 inch"

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