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Here is a near-complete listing of every show CARDIACS / CARDIAC ARREST played from 1978 until what was to be their final show with Tim in 2007. The band rebooted in 2024 with Jon Poole taking over vocals and this page is now back to "ongoing" status!.
If you have any information on the gigs I have listed, or on any I don't have, please get in touch.

(VIDEO) or (AUDIO) after a gig indicates that a recording exists.

If you have any additions, bootleg info, or can name the support bands for any gigs you attended, PLEASE mail me!
If you have any short stories, anecdotes or other info on any of these, please email me.

This is made up from diaries, bootlegs, entries in old magazines, and other sources.
Many thanks to Jon Daniel for access to his own meticulously kept records.
Many thanks to Tim Smith, Mark Cawthra and Peter Tagg for filling many of the blanks in the early years


There are several gaps in the 1978-1983 period, old-timers are welcome to fill in the gaps.

I have spent a very long time collating and typing in this information.
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1978 (jump back to top of page)

?? date ?? First ever gig as "The Filth" at The Kaleidoscope - Kingston

?? date ?? Second gig at The Kaleidoscope - Kingston.
Band were now called "Cardiac Arrest"

PETER TAGG: Our first ever gig was as "The Filth". We were definitely never called Philip Pilf & The Filth as some have reported. Our second gig was also at the "Kaleidoscope, I'm pretty sure we were called Cardiac Arrest by then - a name suggested by (Michael) Pugh. Possibly we played at The Kaleidoscope a third time?

?? date ?? Kingston College Of Further Education - supporting Thieves Like Us

?? date ?? Chessington Youth Club, Surrey

PETER TAGG: Supported by my brother Derek's band - The Blue Veins

?? date ?? Bushey School, Raynes Park ,Surrey

PETER TAGG: I don't know how that came about - I think it was a junior school - oddly!

1979 (jump back to top of page)

March 1st: Raynes Park High School

April 6th: Coronation Hall, Kingston (Supporting The Dials + The Wardens + Magnificent 7)

DAVID CUFF: I knew Cardiac Arrest quite well - particularly Derek and Pete. A mate of mine went on to play in the Trudy with Derek. I played in The Wardens at Coronation Hall, Kingston when we supported The Dials, with Cardiac Arrest and The Magnificent 7. I kept two clippings from the Surrey Comet, a preview of the Coronation Hall gig and a photo the following week from the gig showing The Wardens. I've scanned them for you.

PETER SPENCE: I've been having a look at the Cardiacs gig list, and wondered if you be interested in the attached scan of a ticket for the gig. I went along to see The Dials and The Wardens, but remember quite enjoying Cardiac Arrest. I also remember there being an awful lot of people on stage. I must have enjoyed them as I bought the single when I saw it in the record shop! I also remember that a mod band called Chicane played, although they were'nt on the ticket, and that they got heckled continuously by a bunch of red haired punkettes who called themselves the scarlet harlots, if I remember rightly. They were on the balcony to the left of the band, more or less above their heads, which must have been nice for them! Is that enough detail? I think this was the Coronation Hall gig, I could be confusing it with another but don't think so. Was interested to read also that the Tagg brothers were on stage that night, as years later I often went to Trudy gigs as my friend Mick Carroll played bass in the last few years of the band, and I even roadied for them a couple of times. I had no idea however that Peter and Derek were in that early Cardiac Arrest line up. Myself and Mick Carroll also worked in the studio several times with Graham Simmonds, during the early 90's, though I knew Graham had been in Cardiac Arrest.

JASON CHINNERY: Although I do not remember at the time (I was only about 11), this must have been filmed as a friend that emigrated some years later had a grainy copy of about 15 mins of footage which I saw not realising the significance. If my memory serves me correctly there were about 8-10 people on stage including both Tagg brothers...

Apr 27: Grove Tavern, Kingston

May 3: Fforde Grene, Leeds (supporting Here And Now)

PETER TAGG: We supported Here & Now In Leeds - I stayed in a bed and breakfast, but Tim & Colvin slept in my Escort van. It was a very cold night, and after a comfortable sleep in a B&B, followed by a filling breakfast I returned to my van to find Tim asleep in it with his feet sticking out of the back door. Apparently he had to sleep like that the best part of the night, as the van wasn't long enough for him to shut the door (poor lamb). Here & Now used to play for free and have a collection - they kindly gave us a sock full of money!

DAVID LEIGH: During the first lockdown, I set myself the task of compiling a complete Here & Now gig history and it's turned into a bit of an obsession. I've used many sources (old music paper clippings, tour posters, bootleg recordings, my own gig history etc) and can confirm Here & Now played at the Fforde Grene (this is the correct spelling!) in Leeds three times in 1979: 3rd May, 1st September and 17th November.

May 11: Albany Arms, Twickenham (AUDIO, UNCONFIRMED)

June 13-26 (performance date unknown): Stonehenge Festival

PETER TAGG: Interestingly the line up was Tim, Colvin & me. Jim & Pugh were on holiday, and Tim thought that if it didn't sound very good it would look better if there were only three of us on stage sounding crap, rather than four. Hence Ralph, who mainly danced, didn't appear! Actually, it sounded great - Tim played bass on some songs and guitar on others. When Tim was playing guitar Colvin did the bass parts on his Mini Korg, and when Tim was playing bass, Colvin did the lead sort of parts. I just played brilliantly throughout :-)

July 20-22: Severn Vale Celebration, Gloucestershire (with Here And Now)

This was originally supposed to be Mark Cawthra's debut gig on drums, but Peter Tagg played drums for a while longer.

Sep 1: Fforde Grene, Leeds

??September Wasp Factory (Grove Tavern), Kingston

September 13: Acklam Hall, Portobello Road, London

September 27: Woodbridge Hotel , Guildford


October? unknown venue in Bishops Stortford.

October-November ish? "Waves" - Three Tuns Pub, Kingston.

November 8: The Bankhouse, Worcester (Supporting the Dangerous Girls) (AUDIO)

November 13: Eric's, Liverpool (Supporting the Dangerous Girls) (AUDIO)

November 17: Fforde Grene, Leeds

December ?? Queen Elizabeth College, London (Supporting the Dangerous Girls) (AUDIO)

1980 (jump back to top of page)

?? date ?? Richmond Snoopies Club (AUDIO)

Tim Quy: "I played bass for the first half of the gig. Jim was working away so I had to step in. In typical Tim Smith fashion he only told me about it the day before! I went round to his house and learned the entire set in a couple of hours. To make a difficult situation even more tricky I had to play it on my fretless, as my normal bass had been nicked a few weeks before from Mark Cawthra’s place. Cardiacs bass lines are never easy, but fretless makes it ten times more difficult. Jim arrived back at Snoopies during the gig and took over for the second half. You can hear on the audio the change in bass tone when Jim took over. Fretless to Rickenbacker!"
That was the first time I played with them. I think Sarah also played that day, just on a couple of songs, her first gig too. Though I may be wrong on that, memory is a bit wobbly!

?? date ?? London 100 Club

February 14: London Ladbroke Grove Acklam Hall (with Dangerous Girls and Four Black Lights)

February 23: Roehampton Vale


June ?? Stonehenge Festival
I have an audio bootleg of Cardiac Arrest with Mark Cawthra on drums from a festival somewhere (kids running around, dreadful sound and no vocal microphone) that I believe is this show, based on the setlist, they play tracks from "Obvious Identity" and all three tunes from the "Bus..." single. UNLESS this is actually Deeply Vale '80. Lineup is Tim (Gtr) Jim (Bass) Colvin (Keys) and Mark Cawthra (Drums) but there are NO VOCALS. Anyone have a vague recollection of them doing a show around then with no vocal PA and everything else just coming from backline?

July 27: Bury Pickup Bank Free Festival (aka Deeply Vale)

September 11: Richmond Brollys Club (supporting Classix Nouveaux) (source MM)

November 2: Bishops Stortford Triad (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

November 7: Bath Arts Workshop (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

November 8: Worcester Bank House (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

November 13: Liverpool Erics (Supporting Here And Now)

November 24: London Queen Elizabeth College (AUDIO)

November 24: London Ladbroke Grove Acklam Hall

November 27: Bishops Stortford Triad

December 5: Kingston Grove Tavern (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

December 14: Ipswich Kingfisher (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

December 17: London Ladbroke Grove Acklam Hall (Supporting Here And Now)


1981 (jump back to top of page)

April 2: Kingston Swan (Supporting The Trudy and Mag 7)

April 9: Chadwell Heath Greyhound

May 5: London Peckham Newlands Tavern

May 8: Kingston Polytechnic (Supporting The Sound)

May 9: Kingston Three Fishes

May 22: Birmingham Fighting Cocks (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

June 5: London Peckham Art College

June 6: Cambridge Strawberry Fair

June 16: London Clapham 101 Club

June 18: Kingston Swan (With Mag 7)

June 20-21: Stonehenge Free Festival (AUDIO)
Bootlegs say 21st, Tim says 20th. Could be either, anyone know?

June 25: Chadwell Heath Greyhound

June 29: London Brixton Old Queens Head

July 10: Manchester Pips Disco

July 21: London Thomas A Beckett (Old Kent Road?) (With The Balloons)

July 22: London Peckham Old Queens Head

July 23: Kingston Grove Tavern (With Mag 7 and The Feelers)

July 29: Kingston Ashdown Road Street Party (with The Sound)

July 31: Kingston Grove Tavern (With Mag 7 and The Feelers)

August 1: New Malden Surrey Ambulance Service Social Club (Robin Fransellas birthday party)

October 14: Exeter St Georges Hall (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

October 15: Plymouth Park Royal (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

October 16: The White Horse, Launceston (AUDIO)

October 26: Hammersmith Palais (Battle of the Bands competition)
A couple of wonderful photos from Hammersmith Palais 1981 showing the (then) core lineup of Jim Smith, Mark Cawthra, Tim Smith and Sarah Cutts.

October 31: London New Cross (Street Party)

November 5: Cardiff South Glamorgan Institute of HE (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

November 6: Hereford Market Tavern (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

November 11: London Clapham 101 Club (with The Balloons)

November 27: Kingston Swan (with The Balloons)

November 28: Oxford St.Edmond Hall (Polytechnic?) (AUDIO) (Supporting Dangerous Girls)

Dec?, venue location? London Moonlight Club (with The Balloons)

1982 (jump back to top of page)

February 23 or 24: Roehampton Vale (disused stables) (AUDIO)

WEBMASTER: An event organised with the now legendary "Tibetan Ukrainian Mountain Troupe" , a collection of performers who brought surreal circus antics to the free festival scene in the early 1980s. The venue was a disused stable block in Roehampton, (near Putney, London). Generator noise, spitting campfires and freezing cold were the main memories for many who attended. Mystery: There is a bootleg of this gig labelled Feb 24 1982, but Tim always said its Feb 23, which would have made it a Wednesday or a Tuesday which seems odd for a gig like this that would normally have been on a weekend, but I have cross-checked extensively against other recordings of that time and if it WAS a Saturday, then that would have made it 1980, and the setlist for this show is definitely later that that. This makes the Inner City Unit flyer posted in the 1980 section a red herring, and also means both Cardiac Arrest and Cardiacs played there on different years. PLEASE, if anyone has any more info about the Roehampton shows with the TUMT, could you get in touch?

March 6: Kingston Three Fishes (AUDIO)

June 20-26: Stonehenge Free Festival Anyone know what day Cardiacs played?

July 2: London Putney White Lion

October 2: Kingston Three Fishes

October 14: Kingston Dolphin

1983 (jump back to top of page)

January 25: Kingston Dolphin

February 5: Kingston Polytechnic (AUDIO)

March 18: London Brixton Ace Club (with Here and Now) (AUDIO)

April 23: Tolworth (Surrey) Croft Theatre

May 5: London 100 Club (with Here and Now)

May 26: Manor Park Pavilion, New Malden (with Here and Now)

May 27: Twickenham Turks Head

June 20: Stonehenge Free Festival


July 13: Kingston Grove Tavern (AUDIO)
Jon Bastable: "I covered bass as Jim couldn't make it. It was one of the musical highlights of my life. It was also the first time they did Hymn live. Shortly after I also played at William Drake's first ever rehearsal where Tim dished out parts of what became the instrumental section of Hope Day"

August 31: London Marquee Club (with Here and Now)

?? date ?? Guildford Royal (AUDIO/VIDEO) + Panixphere

September 10: Street party in New Cross, London (with Here And Now)

November 24: Manor Park Pavilion, New Malden (with Taaga + Triangle Nile) (AUDIO/VIDEO)
Taaga was a new lineup of The Dangerous Girls, with Mark Cawthra on drums...

December 9: Manor Park Pavilion, New Malden (with Here and Now) (AUDIO)

1984 (jump back to top of page)

February 11: Manor Park Pavilion, New Malden (AUDIO) (MX and AUD)

February 18: Horsham Queen Marys Hall

March 9: Birmingham Tin Can Club (AKA "Fantasy club", actually in Digbeth )

March 14: Kingston Grove Tavern (AUDIO)

March 15: Guildford Royal

March 16: Southampton Guildhall (supp Here And Now, opened by Peace Chiefs) (AUDIO) (MX)

March 24: Roehampton Froebel Institute (supp Here And Now)

March 31: Reading Community Centre (supp Here And Now)

April 12: London Fulham Kings Head

April 14: Horsham Queens Head

April 21: Birmingham Mermaid

May 11: Guildford Royal (with Panixphere) (AUDIO/VIDEO)

May 13: London Fulham Kings Head (AUDIO)

May 24: Surbiton Assembly Rooms

May 30: Surbiton Assembly Rooms (Supporting Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)

June 7: Southampton West Indian Club (plus Peace Chiefs)

June 10: London Fulham Kings Head

June 12: London Covent Garden Rock Garden

June 21: Stonehenge Free Festival (AUDIO)

June 22: London Fulham Golden Lion

June 28: London Fulham Kings Head

July 6: Guildford Royal

July 10: London Marquee Club

July 21: Red Lion (Brentford?)

July 23: London Marquee Club

July 26: Kingston Music Festival (VIDEO)

August 1: London Oval Cricketers

August 13: London Marquee Club

September 7: London Marquee Club

September 15: London Hammersmith Clarendon (supporting The Poison Girls) (AUDIO)

September 20: London Brixton Fridge

September 30: London Chiswick Town Hall

PAUL HOWARD: I travelled across London with my sister and a friend called Graeme to see Cardiacs play at Chiswick Town Hall (September 30 1984). This was an odd gig. There were Cardiacs in full apparel within this large municipal marble-clad building playing to an audience of about five people. The band numbered more than those standing before them and there was nowhere to hide (remember those manic stares that Sarah would loose off at unfortunate members of the audience, or Timąs habit of picking on someone). We didnąt know where to stand - you didnąt want to get too close for obvious reasons and at the back would have seemed rude. I peered out from behind a marble pillar for a while then braved it in the expanse in the middle with them staring at me. The fact that they played their full set at optimum intensity for an audience of five was a credit to their professionalism. We felt very priviledged - and slightly awkward.

October 8: London Marquee Club

October 9: Kingston Polytechnic (AUDIO)

October 27: London Hammersmith Clarendon (supporting Chelsea and Insane Upstarts) (AUDIO)

November 5: Poole Arts Centre (supporting Marillion)

November 6: Gloucester Leisure Centre (supporting Marillion) (AUDIO) (MX)

November 7: Cardiff University (supporting Marillion)

November 8: Hanley Victoria Hall (supporting Marillion)

November 11: London Marquee Club

November 28: London Dingwalls

November 30: Guildford Royal

December 13: London Hammersmith Odeon (supporting Marillion)

Webmaster: "My first Cardiacs gig. I was actually there to see Marillion and had only vaguely heard of the support band... Bandsmens uniforms, makeup, Sarahs music stand, Tim's mile-wide grin and bright green guitar stuck in my head as he lurched along to "Icing On The World", I thought this music was pretty scary, but it reminded me of that old track "Drowning In Berlin" by early 80s outfit "The Mobiles" that had the weird drunken fairground music in the middle, only a lot scarier. Oh hang on, theres a Ska bit. Eh?, hmm, that bit sounds like Genesis. Hmmmm, OK, now theyre doing a ballad, errr, OK, who's the bloke with the champagne.... Fish came out onto the stage about 4 songs in, as Cardiacs were getting a really bad reception from the rather hostile audience of 16 year old Marillion fans. "If you don't like it, fuck off to the bar and let them get on with their set, I remember when we started out... etc etc." Around 1/3 of the audience actually got up out of their seats and headed to the bar. Scary... Am I imagining it, or was there some kind of weird merchandise tent set up in the circle bar?"

December 14: London Hammersmith Odeon (supporting Marillion)

December 15: London Hammersmith Odeon (supporting Marillion) (AUDIO)

December 17: Manchester Apollo (supporting Marillion)

Kieran Fleck: "My first Cardiacs gig. Word must have got to the teen Marillion fans because they were booed as soon as they walked out on stage."

December 18: Nottingham Royal Court Theatre (supporting Marillion)

December 21: Birmingham Odeon (supporting Marillion)

December 27: Fetcham Riverside Club

1985 (jump back to top of page)

January 4: London Marquee

January 18: Fetcham Riverside Club (AUDIO)

January 26: London Kentish Town Interaction Club

January 31: London Marquee Club

February 8: Imperial College, London (supp Here And Now)

March 16: Fetcham Riverside Club

April 3: London Marquee Club (plus The Dream)

April 18: Surbiton Assembly Rooms (AUDIO/VIDEO)

April 20: Fetcham Riverside Club (AUDIO)

April 25: Southampton West Indian Club

May 9: London Marquee Club

June 26: London Marquee Club (AUDIO)

July 6: Fetcham Riverside Club (AUDIO)

July 20: London Marquee Club (AUDIO) MISLABELLED BOOTLEG, See July 25th

July 25: London Marquee Club (AUDIO) bootlegs are marked July 20th for some reason

August 14: London Fulham Greyhound (AUDIO)

August 23: Fetcham Riverside Club

August 31: London Greenwich Tunnel Club

September 4: Croydon Underground

September 14: Oxford College

September 21: London Kensington Ad Lib (now known as The Orange)

October 1: Horsham Champagne Club

October 4: Imperial College, London (with Dr and the Medics) (AUDIO)

October 5: London Fulham Greyhound (AUDIO)

October 10: London Greenwich Tunnel Club (AUDIO)

October 13: London Hammersmith Clarendon (with Tenpole Tudor) (AUDIO)

October 27: Brighton Escape Club (with Dr and the Medics)

October 30: London Oval Cricketers

November 7: Croydon Underground (AUDIO)

November 14: Kingston Polytechnic

November 15: London Whitelands College (AUDIO)

November 22: Fetcham Riverside Club (AUDIO)

December 6: Brunel University, Uxbridge

December 20: London Hammersmith Clarendon (with Inner City Unit)

December 21: Leatherhead Centre

December 23: Twickenham St Marys Hall

December 28: London Fulham Greyhound (with Poison Girls)

1986 (jump back to top of page)

March 7: Fetcham Riverside Club (AUDIO)

March 15: Central London Polytechnic

April 11: London Fulham Greyhound

May 3: Oxford Free Festival (AUDIO)

May 5: London Marquee Club

May 22: Southampton West Indian Club

May 23: London Haringey T.U. Centre (Club Dog) + Out Vile Jelly + Jack of Hearts + sounds by Trance Travel and Hassid Casualty Light Show

May 30: Fetcham Riverside Club (AUDIO)

June 5: Liverpool Krackers Club

July 10: London Marquee Club (plus The Dubious Brothers)

August 6: Paradise Club (Reading???)

August 8: London Fulham Greyhound

August 20: London Camden Dingwalls

August 24: Reading Festival (AUDIO: Released as ALPH005, "Rude Bootleg")

September 4: London Harlesden Mean Fiddler

September 5: Fetcham Riverside (with The Great garden)

September 12: London Greenwich Tunnel Club

September 16: London Marquee Club

October 5: Fetcham Riverside (with Toy Planets)

October 9: London Marquee Club (plus Fabulous Gender Bender) (AUDIO) (Bootlegs mis-labelled as October 21)

October 16: Croydon Underground Club (AUDIO)

October 21: London Marquee Club (AUDIO) MISLABELLED BOOTLEG, see October 9

October 24: London Club Dog (with The Dave Howard Singers)

October 25: St. Mary's College, Twickenham.

John Browne: It was me and Bics first gig with Ring (and my first gig ever). It was a great show, and I was sick as soon as I came offstage.

October 29: Trinity College Leeds

October 30: London Camden Dingwalls

October 31: Roehampton Froebel Institute

November 6: Liverpool Krackers Club

November 14: London Hammersmith Clarendon (with Robert Calvert) (AUDIO)

November 18: Plymouth Polytechnic

November 20: London Marquee Club

November 21: Ewell NESCOT Centre (+ The Hunger)

November 22: Bristol Tropic Club

November 28: Fetcham Riverside Club

November 29: Worcester College

December 2: London Camden Electric Ballrooom (+ Basil Gabbidon's Bass Dance + Monterrez)(CANCELLED)

December 5: Brighton Zap Club

December 7: London New Cross Harp Club

December 16: London Marquee Club (AUDIO)

December 22: Old School House, Woking, Surrey

1987 (jump back to top of page)

January 14: London Camden Dingwalls
Andrew Tarry: I was living in Kingston at the time and me and my mate Fizzy went to this very gig. There was heavy snow and public transport almost came to a complete halt which was why there were only about a dozen people there. Without the help of a wee bottle of Southern Comfort we might not have made it ourselves! I have a photo of Miss Swift (Wendy?) sitting on my knees with the date written on the back! I've attached it for you.

January 18: Croydon Underground

January 23: Bournemouth Town Hall

January 25: London Town and Country Club (AUDIO) (with Robin Hitchcock)

January 30: London Marquee Club (AUDIO) (with Ring, but advertised as "Bad Tune Men")

Jon Browne: Wasn't with Ring (unless they did it without me?). It was Bad Tune Men as advertised. They weren’t a bad outfit either. Cardiacs meets Killing Joke. Bic did some work with their leader, a chap called Id.

Hi I was in the Bad Tune Men and we were due to play with the Cardiacs at the Marquee on Jan 30th 1987, but didnt due to the silly ass Id drinking dodgy Grapefruit juice and getting food poisoning. We were replaced at the last minute by a band called Flic Spatula... Your website is a good read and brings back many happy memories!
All the best
Dave (Creepy of Bad Tune Men)

Hi I was in Bad Tune Men too & I can confirm that, despite being advertised to play with Cardiacs on 30th January 1987, we didn't. However, that useless wombat Mr Creepy has got it entirely wrong. I didn't get food poisoning by drinking dodgy grapefruit juice as he stated. Duh! I got food poisoning by drinking dodgy orange juice.
Hope this helps to clarify.
Ed (Id of Bad Tune Men)

January 31: Birmingham Mermaid Club (AUDIO) (with Ring and Omnia Opera)

February 6: Brighton Zap Club

February 13: St Davids University, Lampeter

February 14: Greyfriars International, Bedford

February 18: Wolverhampton Polytechnic

February 20: London Marquee Club

February 21: London Marquee Club

February 25: Birmingham University (with It Bites)

March 1: London Town And Country Club

March 3: Leeds Irish Centre

March 5: Manchester International

March 6: Lampeter Polytechnic, Dyfed, Wales

March 8: Redcar Bowl

March 9: Newcastle Riverside Club

March 10: Birmingham Irish Centre

March 11: Nottingham Rock City

March 12: Hampton Court Jolly Boatman

March 13: Canterbury - Kent University (+ Bad Tune Men)

March 14: London Herne Hill Half Moon

March 15: London Walthamstow Royal Standard

March 17: London Greenwich Tunnel Club

March 24: Horsham Champagne Club (+ Bad Tune Men)

March 26: London Marquee Club (AUDIO)

March 27: Scunthorpe Baths Hall

March 29: Croydon Underground Club

April 2: London Ladbroke Grove Bay 63 (+ Bad Tune Men)

April 15: London Camden Dingwalls

April 17: Tarred And Feathered video shown on Channel 4 "The Tube" programme.
Thousands of people scarred for life after witnessing this televisual feast of the original lineup in full makeup...

April 23: London Camden Palace

May 4th: Birmimgham Irish Centre (Bootlegs marked as "Diamond Suite") (AUDIO)

May 15th: London Marquee Club (AUDIO)

May 16th: London Marquee Club (AUDIO)

May 26: Cinderellas, Kingston, Surrey.

Jason Chinnery: "The gig @ Cinderellas was the last in their home base of Kingston. Corking gig but they had a nightmare as they had to build the stage as it's a nightclub. I have various local cuttings on this. It was also the launch of Cinderellas regular 'indie' night. I will forever remember this gig because Cinderella was the poshest club at the time and most of the crowd had no idea who/what Cardiacs were. All dressed up awaiting some disco band their faces were a picture when the band walked through the crowd and started to play. The 20 strong bouncers couldn't believe it!"

May 30: Wendover Wellhead Inn

June 5: London Brixton Fridge (Club Dog) (AUDIO)

June 7: London Town And Country Club (with Blyth Power)

June 10: Birmingham Irish Centre

June 13: Bath Moles

June 20: Oxford University

June 21: Croydon Underground

June 28: Brighton Escape Club

July 3: Hammersmith Clarendon (with Demented Are Go + The Astronauts) (AUDIO/VIDEO)

July 24: London Marquee Club

July 25: London Marquee Club (AUDIO)

Aug 12: Croydon Underground (AUDIO) MISLABELLED BOOTLEG, It may be June 21, or Nov 22)

September 18: Birmingham Mermaid (AUDIO)

September 19: Wendover Wellhead Inn

October 2: Dudley JBs

October 7: NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam, De Melkweg (AUDIO)

October 8: NETHERLANDS: Rotterdam, Jazzbunker (AUDIO)

October 9: NETHERLANDS: Den Bosh, Cafe Boulevaard (AUDIO)

October 10: NETHERLANDS: Haarlem, Patronaat (AUDIO)

October 14: Plymouth Academy

October 15: Timebox Club (Bull And Gate), Kentish Town, London. Secret gig as "Mr Smith And The Big Ship"

October 17: Amsterdam Melkweg (AUDIO) MISLABELLED BOOTLEG, See Oct 7th


October 21: Huddersfield Polytechnic

October 22: Birkenhead Stairways

October 29: Scunthorpe Baths Hall

November 4: London Marquee Club (AUDIO)

November 5: London Marquee Club

November 6: Manchester International

November 18: North East London Polytechnic

November 22: Croydon Underground

November 24: London Camden Palace

November 25: Coventry Polytechnic


December 2: Egham Royal Holloway and Bedford College

December 4: Cardiff University

December 11: London Marquee Club

December 12: London Marquee Club

December 18: Hampton Court "Jolly Boatman" (AUDIO)

1988 (jump back to top of page)

March 1: BBC Radio 1 session (Janice Long) repeated.

March 19: Aylesbury Football Club

March 25: London Town And Country Club (AUDIO)

April 23: Sheffield Leadmill

May 6: London Astoria (AUDIO)

May 12: NETHERLANDS: Leeuwarden Zalen Schaaf

May 13: NETHERLANDS: Den Haag Paard

May 14: BELGIUM: Antwerp Vrije Val

(Show was held in an abandoned warehouse, and shut down by the Police after only 3 songs)
ERIK VAN DER VEKEN: "Funny (and sad) to find out Cardiacs only played ONCE in Belgium, and then reading the hilarious note about the police shutting down... The concert place was indeed an abandoned warehouse, still existing(!) but now a theater place for ‘Theater Froe Froe’."

May 15: NETHERLANDS Amsterdam Paradiso (AUDIO : CARDIACS LIVE)
(Bootleg also exists of whole show with unused tracks)

May 21: Portsmouth Polytechnic

May 27: Northampton Roadmender

June 9: Scunthorpe Baths Hall

June 11: Guildford Surrey University

June 21: Newcastle Riverside

June 23: Hammersmith Clarendon (AUDIO)

June 24: Maidstone Kent Hall

GRAEME JAMIESON: "Support act was supposed to be My Bloody Valentine, but they pulled out or couldn't do it and a local Kent band called Brainbox supported instead... Also at this gig the fire alarm kept going off resulting in everyone waiting outside. This was my first Cardiacs gig, I had not heard them before, and I have been smitten since"

July 9: NETHERLANDS: Niew Schoonebeck Rumah Pemura

July 10: NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam Melkweg (AUDIO)

October 8: NETHERLANDS: Zaandam Het Drieluik (AUDIO + Soundcheck)

October 9: GERMANY: Bonn Biskuithalle

November 4: Birmingham Polytechnic

November 7: Liverpool University

November 8: Leeds University

November 9: Huddersfield Polytechnic

November 10: Oxford Polytechnic (+ The Trudy)

November 11: Treforest Polytechnic, Wales

PHIL HOTSON: "Hi, This gig was at Treforest Polytechnic of Wales and I remember it well for a number of reasons, not least, it being the only time I spoke with Tim. My girlfriend and I had just been on a mini-tour to Liverpool, Leeds and Huddersfield at the start of the week only to return home ( I was studying at Treforest at the time) to find that the gig was sold out. What could I do but drive up to the venue, collar Tim before the soundcheck and explain my predicament. Happily he agreed to put us on the guest list and then we headed off to the canteen to get a drink. The gig, as all Cardiacs gigs ever were, was awesome, but it was supporting one of those forgettable 80's pop-rock bands, so the crowd was unforgiving. That was in part my fault for introducing the Ents Secretary to the singularity of Cardiacs, and her with her business head on, knowing they wouldn't fill the venue themselves, so slotted them in for our own delectation.

November 12: Walsall Junction 10

November 16: Manchester University

November 18: Tonbridge Angel Centre (AUDIO)

November 23: Keele University

November 24: Rayleigh Pink Toothbrush (AUDIO)

November 25: Canterbury Kent University

November 27: London Town and Country Club (AUDIO)

November 28: Brighton Escape Club

November 30: NETHERLANDS: Uden De Nieuwe Pul (AUDIO)

December 1: NETHERLANDS: Leiden LVC (AUDIO)

December 2: NETHERLANDS: Utrecht Tivoli

December 3: NETHERLANDS: Apeldoorn Gigant (AUDIO)

December 4: NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam Paradiso (AUDIO)

December 5: GERMANY: Frankfurt Cookys

December 7: GERMANY: Dortmund Live Station

December 8: GERMANY: Koln Rose Club

December 9: GERMANY: Hamburg Roschinsky

December 10: GERMANY: Hamburg Grosse Freiheit (AUDIO)

December 21: London Marquee Club (AUDIO)

December 22: London Marquee Club (Last minute gig to fill in for another band who cancelled)

1989 (jump back to top of page)

February 10: Ewell NESCOT Centre

February 11: Bangor University (AUDIO/VIDEO)


May 1: Birmingham Irish Centre (AUDIO)

May 6: Coventry - Warwick University (AUDIO)

May 19: London Astoria (AUDIO)

May 25: NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam Paradiso (CANCELLED due to breakdown)

May 26: NETHERLANDS: Den Haag Paard (AUDIO)

May 27: NETHERLANDS: Haarlem Patronaat (AUDIO)

May 28: GERMANY: Bielefeld Cafe Europa

May 29: GERMANY: Dortmund Live Station

May 30: GERMANY: Hamburg Kir Club (AUDIO)

June 1: GERMANY: Bremen Romer

June 2: GERMANY: Coesheld Fabrik (spelling?)

June 3: GERMANY: Berlin Ecstasy

June 8: London Powerhaus

June 9: London Woolwich Tramshed


June 11: HOLLAND Leidschendam Vlietpop (VIDEO SNIPPETS EXIST)

Martin Roest: "Headliner, but not a very good show. Some major f*** ups by Bic put Tim in a bad mood"

June 13: Sheffield Take Two

June 14: Newcastle Riverside

June 15: Manchester International (AUDIO)

June 17: Oxford Co-Op Hall (AUDIO)

June 23: Aylesbury Civic Centre

June 24: Walsall Junction 10

June 28: Birmingham Edwards No.8

June 29: Bristol Bierkeller (AUDIO)

July 1: Uxbridge Brunel University

July 26: London Camden Dingwalls

July 29: St Helens Showground

September 17: Brixton Fridge (Club Dog) (AUDIO)
+ Ozric Tentacles + Treatment + Rhythmites + Lights In A Fat City

October 11: London Woolwich Tramshed (+ Some Have Fins)

October 13: Oxford Co-Op Hall

October 19: London Marquee Club

November 22: Egham Royal Holloway and Bedford College

December 16: Maidstone Kent Hall

December 19: London Camden Palace

Kieran Fleck: "I am almost certain that Sarah played as guest at this gig. If she didn't then it was definately advertised as such. Unfortunately I got stupidly drunk that night (or someone spiked me) and passed out halfway through. I was very depressed the next day but it was a lesson."

1990 (jump back to top of page)

February 8: ITALY: Rome Piper 90

February 24: Oxford Co-Op Hall (AUDIO)

March 28: Walsall Junction 10

April 15: Birmingham Edwards No.8

June 2: Cambridge Strawberry Fayre (AUDIO)

June 20: Windsor Psychic Dance Hall

June 30: Salisbury Arts Centre (AUDIO/VIDEO "All That Glitters Is A Maresnest)

Tim Smith: "It was horrible, really like one of those yellow panic nightmares where everythings going wrong and you can't stop it, but I kept thinking it was a nightmare then about halfway through the evening I tried to wake up and I realised this was ACTUALLY HAPPENING, right? so I panicked but nothing was going right and nobody could hear anything and Sarahs sax kept cutting out, and I think thats on the video, me shouting to myself that I can't stop it... but everyone else said it was a REALLY good gig!"

July 7: NETHERLANDS: Leiden Werfpop

July 15: Birmingham Edwards no.8

July 19: London - Tufnell Park Dome (AUDIO)

July 29: Slough Thames Valley Festival

October 13: Brighton Pavilion

October 26: Warwick University

October 27: Oxford The Venue

November 3: Cambridge Anglia HEC

November 9th: Chelmsford Chancellor Hall

December 6: Windsor Psychic Dance Hall

December 7: London New Cross The Venue

December 21: London Tufnell Park Dome

Kieran Fleck: "Sarah was at this gig too. It's the only time I got to see Sarah for a full gig. It was going to be Bill's last gig. At the end Tim played the keyboard and Bill stood at the front of the stage looking blankly into the audience."

1991 (jump back to top of page)

May 2: Wolverhampton Polytechnic

May 3: London - New Cross The Venue (AUDIO)
"BILLS LAST GIG" again...

May 16: Oxford The Venue
FINAL SHOW AS A COMPLETELY LIVE BAND. Definitely Bill's last gig.


October 21: London Marquee Club (AUDIO/VIDEO) (supp Seikima-II)

Webmaster: "This was Jon Poole's first gig with Cardiacs, and they were playing new songs from "Heaven Born And Ever Bright". The intention was to film the show for possible release. To save money, Cardiacs were sharing the evening (and the film crew) supporting a Japanese Metal band called "Seikima-II" who were also being filmed. Seikima-II were an early adopter of the "Visual Kei" style, incredibly stylised and outrageous costumes and makeup, like an extreme version of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, but playing absolutey dreadful power metal in the style of Helloween."

Flyer scan courtesy of Peter Moltesen

October 24: Nottingham Rock City

November 29: London U.L.U (AUDIO)

December 13: London New Cross Venue

December 26: Clapham Grand (AUDIO)

1992 (jump back to top of page)

February 6: Scunthorpe Baths Hall

February 7: Norwich Waterfront

February 9: Birmingham Edwards no 8 (AUDIO) + Levitation

February 11: Hull Adelphi

February 12: Buckley Tivoli

February 13: Liverpool Krazy House (AUDIO) + Levitation

February 18: Edinburgh The Venue

February 19: Glasgow Nice And Sleazy

February 27: Cambridge Junction

February 28: Northampton Irish Centre (AUDIO) + Levitation

February 29: Reading University (AUDIO) + Levitation

March 3: Kidderminster Market Tavern

March 4: Folkstone Metronome (AUDIO) + Levitation

March 6: Ipswich Caribbean Centre (AUDIO) + Levitation

April 11: St Helens Citadel

May 15: Egham Royal Holloway and Bedford College (AUDIO) + Levitation

May 20: Bradford Queens Hall (AUDIO)

May 21: Liverpool Krazy House

May 22: Middlesborough Arena

May 23: Glasgow Polytechnic

May 24: Aberdeen Pelican Club

May 25: Edinburgh The Venue

May 26: Newcastle Riverside

May 27: Manchester University

May 29: Wolverhampton Polytechnic

May 30: Slough Polytechnic Of West London (AUDIO) + Levitation

June 3: Bristol Bierkeller (AUDIO) (+ Levitation)

June 4: London Astoria (AUDIO) (+ Levitation and Radiohead, Yes, THE Radiohead in their early days)

June 6: Nottingham Polytechnic (+ Levitation)

June 7: Portsmouth Pyramid Centre (+ Levitation)

June 13: Milton Keynes Woughton Centre (+ Levitation)

August 25: London Camden Palace

August 27: Reading Trade Union Club - Sonic Relief (warmup for festival)

August 28: Reading Festival (AUDIO)

October 9: London New Cross Venue

November 25: Kidderminster Market Tavern

November 26: St Helens Citadel

November 27: London ULU (AUDIO)

December 16: Clapham Grand (AUDIO)

1993 (jump back to top of page)

February 27: Cambridge Junction Club (AUDIO)
SOME BOOTLEGS DATED 1 YEAR OUT (see February 27 1992)

May 2: London - New Cross The Venue (AUDIO)

June 23: London Islington Powerhaus (AUDIO)

July 3: St Helens Citadel

July 17: Phoenix Festival

July 20: London Camden Palace (AUDIO)

December 2: London Fulham Globe (formerly Fulham Greyhound)

December 3: London New Cross Venue

December 7: Kidderminster Market Tavern

December 11: St Helens Citadel (with Funzig)

December 13: Tunbridge Wells Forum

1994 (jump back to top of page)

March 15: London Camden Palace

May 29: London New Cross Venue (Organ promoted gig with Polaroid, Frog, Poisoned Electric Head, Map and a fledgeling Miranda Sex Garden supporting)

Webmaster: "This is the night Jon Poole's "What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body" demo of Zappa covers started circulating on cassette tape, 3 quid off Lucy :)

August 23: London Camden Electric Ballroom

December 10: London Astoria 2 (AUDIO)

1995 (jump back to top of page)

April 22: London Forum (AUDIO) + Sidi Bou Said

April 24: 1st Radio session for Mark Radcliffe aired. (AUDIO)

May 11: London Splash Club

May 12: Tonbridge Wells Forum + Pura Vida

May 13: Windsor Old Trout + Pura Vida

May 14: Derby Wherehouse + Sidi Bou Said

May 15: Norwich Arts Centre + Sidi Bou Said

May 16: Liverpool Lomax + Sidi Bou Said

May 17: Buckley Tivoli + Sidi Bou Said

May 18: Stoke The Stage + Sidi Bou Said

May 19: Hull Adelphi + Sidi Bou Said

May 21: Cambridge Boatrace + Sidi Bou Said

May 22: Bristol Fleece And Firkin + Sidi Bou Said

May 23: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms (AUDIO) + Sidi Bou Said

May 24: Milton Keynes Woughton Centre (AUDIO) + Sidi Bou Said (Tim says its Jon Daniels 300th gig...)

May 25: Birmingham Foundry + Sidi Bou Said

May 26: (Lunchtime) Live session for GLR Radio (AUDIO)

...............(Evening) London - New Cross The Venue + Pura Vida

May 27: St Helens Citadel + Sidi Bou Said

May 28: Manchester Boardwalk + Sidi Bou Said

May 29: Worcester Northwick + Sidi Bou Said

May 30: Leeds Duchess Of York (AUDIO/VIDEO) + Sidi Bou Said

June 16: Chelmsford Army And Navy (AUDIO)

June 17: London Mile End Stadium (supporting BLUR)

July 15: Phoenix Festival

August 1: London Camden Palace

October 31: Liverpool Krazy House (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 1: Glasgow Arches (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 3: Lancaster Sugarhouse (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 4: Newcastle University (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 5: Hull Tower Ballroom (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 6: Worcester Northwick (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 7: Swansea Patti Pavilion (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 8: Wolverhampton Civic Hall (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 9: Bristol University (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 10: Nottingham Trent University (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 11: Manchester University (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 12: Sheffield University (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 14: Cambridge Junction (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 15: Portsmouth Pyramids (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 16: Brighton Hewison Hall (Brighton Centre) (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 17: London Forum (Supporting Chumbawamba)

November 18: Leeds University (Supporting Chumbawamba)

1996 (jump back to top of page)

June 11: 2nd Radio session for Mark Radcliffe aired. (AUDIO)

June 12: Reading Alleycat Club (AUDIO)

June 14: Harlow Square Club

June 16: Cambridge Boatrace

June 17: Birmingham Foundry

June 18: Wolverhampton Civic Hall

June 19: Bristol Fleece And Firkin

June 21: London Astoria 2 (AUDIO)

June 23: Northampton Roadmender

June 24: Leeds Duchess Of York (AUDIO/VIDEO

June 27: Chelmsford Army And Navy

November 1: Oxford The Point

November 2: London Astoria 2

November 3: Colchester Arts Centre

November 4: Bolton Crown And Cushion (VIDEO) + The Automatics

November 5: Manchester Roadhouse (AUDIO)

November 7: Bristol Fleece And Firkin

November 8: Brighton Concord

November 10: Southampton Joiners Arms (AUDIO)

November 13: Leicester Princess Charlotte

November 14: Coventry University

November 16: Reading Alleycat Club

November 18: Southampton Joiners Arms (AUDIO) BOOTLEG DATED WRONG (See Nov 10th)

1997 (very quiet, everyone thought they'd split up...) (jump back to top of page)

October 25: Stoke On Trent - Trentham Gardens (AUDIO)

1998 (jump back to top of page)

January 22: London Bull And Gate

February 6: London - London Brixton Bradys (AUDIO/VIDEO)

June 5: NETHERLANDS: Utrecht Kikker

June 6: NETHERLANDS: Leeuwarden Frozenland Festival

July 11: GERMANY: Frankfurt Bingen Open Air Festival

August 14: St Austell Carlyon Bay Beach Festival (AUDIO)
(Dave "Murder" the soundman is alleged to have had a peanut allergy that knocked him out for the duration of the gig, who did the sound?)

September 4: Doncaster Leopard

October 23: NETHERLANDS: Apeldoorn Gigant

October 24: NETHERLANDS: Den Haag Paard

December 4: London The Garage (AUDIO) (+ Monsoon Bassoon)

December 11: Brighton Pressure Point

1999 (jump back to top of page)

January 29: London - Camden Falcon

January 30: London - Camden Falcon

January 31: London - Camden Falcon (AUDIO/VIDEO)

March 19: London Garage + King Prawn

March 20: London Garage + Dark Star + Camp Blackfoot

June 2: Bristol Fleece And Firkin

June 3: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

June 5: Tonbridge Wells Forum

June 7: Stoke On Trent The Stage

June 8: Cheltenham Attic (AUDIO)

June 9: Harlow Square Club (AUDIO)

June 10: Colchester Arts Centre

June 11: Reading Alley Cat Club

June 27: Glastonbury Festival (AUDIO)

October 21: Derby Victoria Inn

October 22: London ULU (+ Largeman + Stars In Battledress)

October 24: Brighton Pressure Point

November 1: BBC Choice "Inside Tracks" session repeated

2000 (jump back to top of page)

June 23: Glastonbury Festival (AUDIO)

Webmaster: This was the time Cardiacs performed without Jim on bass since 1983. He had already booked his holiday, so Jon Poole played bass, and Tim did guitar. I did the guitar-teching that afternoon, then subsequently learned if someone else had been available to do it, I was likely to have been asked to play bass for that one gig, which filled me with equal amounts of joy and dread!

August 05: Whitchurch Festival (AUDIO)

November 11: London LA2 (AUDIO) (+ Monsoon Bassoon)

2001 (jump back to top of page)

August 03: Whitchurch Festival (AUDIO)

November 23: London Astoria (AUDIO)

Webmaster: Absolutely electric atmosphere at this show, exceptional ticket demand had the show moved to the upstairs room at the Astoria, and expectations were high. Lights went down, intro tape played, then we were treated to Mel and Claire from Sidi Bou Said walking onto the stage (was Jo Spratley there too?), Intro tape segued into the opening to "Dirty Boy", a track Tim had said they would probably never play live due to technical reasons. Needless to say, the audience were ecstatic. A completely mad set followed, including special apearances by Dominic Luckman and Tim Quy, brought on for a couple of older numbers. For the encore, a keyboard was brought onto the stage. "Bill Bill Bill" everyone shouted, they were wrong... Jon Poole took his place behind the keyboard instead, tiny Bob Leith took the microphone, and we were extra-specially treated to "The Whole World Window", a song they hadn't played live for over 12 years!!! I have never seen so much emotion at a gig, enough to make grown men cry, it was an incredible sight down at the front, everyone hugging and shaking hands. Flowers flew through the air, The Consultant and Miss Swift, waaaaahh!! just like being back at the Marquee all those years ago. Magic...

2002 (jump back to top of page)

November 15: London Astoria (AUDIO) (+ Oceansize)

Webmaster: The legendary nutty swapover gig!. For those of you who weren't there, the support band "Oceansize" are big Cardiacs fans. Halfway through Cardiacs set, Cardiacs hurriedly put down their instruments and left the stage. Everyone wondered what the hell was going on. Suddenly, Oceansize crashed the stage, and pulled off a jawdropping cover version of "Eat It Up Worms Hero" to the amazement of the audience. As quick as they had started, they left the stage and Cardiacs resumed their set. Bizarre and wonderful.

2003 (jump back to top of page)

October 17: London Highbury Garage. (AUDIO) (Kavus Torabi replaces Jon Poole on guitar) (+ Stars In Battledress)

October 18: London Highbury Garage. (AUDIO/VIDEO) (Kavus Torabi replaces Jon Poole on guitar) (+ Eva Lema)

October 19: London Highbury Garage. (AUDIO) (Kavus Torabi replaces Jon Poole on guitar) (+ William D. Drake)

WEBMASTER: A special three night event. It was decided that only songs that were written/performed between 1976 and 1983 were to be aired this weekend. 33 old songs were rehearsed for a 2 night stint of "songs from when we were babies", but ticket sales were so quick that a third night was added, which comprised of a "best of" the preceding 2 nights. Jon Poole was on tour with The Wildhearts at the time, and was unable to perform, so Kavus Torabi from fellow group "The Monsoon Bassoon" was drafted in as a replacement, and performed admirably.

2004 (jump back to top of page)

November 12: London Astoria. (AUDIO)
(Kavus Torabi now full time member)

December 8: London Astoria (Supporting The Wildhearts).
(Steve Gilchrist replaces Bob Leith on drums for Wildhearts tour)

December 9: Manchester MDH (Supporting The Wildhearts) (AUDIO).

December 10: Glasgow Garage (Supporting The Wildhearts).

December 11: Sheffield Leadmill (Supporting The Wildhearts) (AUDIO).

December 12: Cambridge Junction (Supporting The Wildhearts).

December 14: Bristol Anson Rooms (Supporting The Wildhearts).

December 15: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall (Supporting The Wildhearts) (AUDIO).

2005 (jump back to top of page)

November 6: Brighton Concorde 2 (+ Johnny 4) (AUDIO)

November 7: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms (+ Johnny 4) (AUDIO)
Webmaster: My 100th Cardiacs gig :-)

November 8: Oxford Zodiac (+ Johnny 4) (AUDIO/VIDEO)

November 9: Northampton Soundhaus (+ Johnny 4) (AUDIO)

November 11: London Astoria (+ Johnny 4)

December 21: Secret Gig at London Bull And Gate (Playing the Garage 1983 set part 1) (AUDIO)

December 22: Secret Gig at London Bull And Gate (Playing the Garage 1983 set part 2) (AUDIO)

2006 (jump back to top of page)

November 10: London Astoria (AUDIO)

2007 (jump back to top of page)

November 12: Brighton The Old Market (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO)

November 13: Oxford Zodiac (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO/VIDEO)

November 14: Bristol Thekla (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO)

November 15: Nottingham Rescue Rooms (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO)

November 16: London Astoria (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO)

November 19: Sheffield Boardwalk (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO)

November 20: Stoke On Trent Sugarmill (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO)

November 21: Manchester University Union (Academy 3) (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO / VIDEO)

November 22: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO)

November 23: Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO)

November 24: Leeds Woodhouse Liberal Club (+ God Damn Whores) (AUDIO/VIDEO)
This was Cardiacs final concert with Tim Smith...

2024 (jump back to top of page)

CARDIACS FAMILY "Sing To Tim" tour.
Jon Poole (Guitar / Vocals), Jim Smith (Bass), Bic Hayes (Guitar / Vocals), Bob Leith (Drums), Adrien Rodes (Keyboards), Craig Fortnam (Percussion), Chloe Herington (Saxophone), with special guest vocal appearances from Jo Spratley, Tiny Ultrasound, Marc Cawthra and Sharron Fortnam.

May 3: London The Garage (+ Spratleys + The Smith and Drake Ensemble) (AUDIO / VIDEO CLIPS)

May 4: London The Garage (+ Spratleys + The Smith and Drake Ensemble) (AUDIO / VIDEO CLIPS)

May 5: Leeds Brudenell Social Club (+ Spratleys + Crayola Lectern) (AUDIO / VIDEO CLIPS)

LINKED FROM THE GIG DIARY: A few highlights...


Recorded August 24th 1986 at Reading Festival.

Released on Alphabet (catalogue number ALPH005) in an intentionally cheap looking white sleeve containing a white label record, both rubber stamped. An equally cheap printed insert had the track listing and recording information.

Tracks: Icing On The World, To Go Off And Things, In A City Lining, Tarred And Feathered, Big Ship, Eating In Bed, Is This The Life, The Whole World Window


Recorded: October 1987 (exact date unknown)

Aired: October 19th 1987

Recorded in one go in a Radio Leeds studio, as if at a live show, minus audience.

TRACKS: Icing On The World, Eating In Bed, Goosegash, Loosefish Scapegrace, Too Many Irons In The Fire, Is This The Life.


Recorded: December 1987 (exact date needed)

Aired: November 29th 1987

Repeated: March 1 1988

Released on vinyl by Strange Fruit Records, catalogue number SFNT013 "Night Tracks:CARDIACS"

TRACKS: R.E.S, Buds And Spawn, In A City Lining, Cameras/Is This The Life


Recorded May 25th 1988, Amsterdam Paradiso.

Released by Alphabet, catalogue number ALPH010 / ALPHCD010

TRACKS: Icing On The World, To Go Off And Things, In A City Lining, Gina Lollabrigida, Too Many Irons In The Fire, Tarred And Feathered, Goosegash, Loosefish Scapegrace, Cameras, Is This The Life


Recorded June 30 1990: Salisbury Arts Centre.

Released on video by Fotodisk, catalogue number LFV116

Released on CD only by Alphabet, catalogue number ALPHCD018

Tracks: The Duck And Roger The Horse, Too Many Irons In The Fire, Its A Lovely Day, Everything Is Easy, Two Bites Of Cherry (CD only), I Hold My Love In My Arms, Arnald, Baby Heart Dirt, All Spectacular (CD Only), To Go Off And Things, Leader Of The Starry Skies, Tarred And Feathered, Fast Robert, Big Ship, Visiting (intro), R.E.S, Is This The Life


Recorded April 1995 (exact date unknown) BBC Manchester, did this go out live?

Aired: April 24 1995

Tracks: Ideal, Is This The Life, Interview with Tim, A Horses Tail, Joining The Plankton

Songs interspersed with interview with Tim.

GLR RADIO (Live Acoustic Session)

Recorded: May 26th 1995, GLR Studios, London

Aired: LIVE via 10 second delay.

Tracks: Arnald (Acoustic), 2 Bites Of Cherry (From Maresnest CD), A Horses Tail (Acoustic)

Songs interspersed with interview, mostly Tim.


Recorded: June 1996 (exact date unknown) BBC Manchester, did this go out live?

Aired: June 11th 1996

Tracks: Dog Like Sparky, Fiery Gun Hand, Interview with Tim, Buds And Spawn, Nurses Whispering Verses.

BBC INSIDE TRACKS (BBC Choice digital )

Recorded: - ??Recording Date??

Aired: June 13th 1999



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