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Is This The Iron Age? 10.30 AM at Lovelace Infants School, Chessington, 1st December 1966.

Just Like Stoneage Dinosaurs Whereby we attempt to find out a little of what happened after 1980

What do they sound like ? A feeble attempt to describe this music in understandable terms, we failed...

THE COMPLEAT ILLUSTRATED DISCOGRAPHY A list of all Cardiacs releases, with pictures. Why?

Lyrics Archive The words to the songs

Lyrically Speaking Some poetry and verse for your viewing pleasure

MIDI FILES! Making your computer play Cardiacs songs really really badly, for fun only

Purity Test Just how much has this band made you a different person, or not?

The ultimate gig list How many of these were you at?

Links More people who spend too much time immersing themselves in this tune thing.

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