What do CARDIACS sound like ?

I'll give you some quotes shall I ?

"Primordial, staggering, speeded up 15th century battle music, wearing a green ex-army jacket with a little flag of Germany on the shoulder, waving a half full bottle of some boiled grain product and sleeping rough under a hedge....Probably"

"CARDIACS sound like a pit-head brass band attempting to play full-steam punk rock in a gale" are : "mottled,misshapen and crippled", "the aural equivalent of electro-shock therapy" and "mental art-rock" they variously suffer from "unfashionable flakiness" and on occasion "scorching tempo changes" and resemble the "clenched-teeth mania of the Pixies"

"an unpleasant pot pourri of art rock and nervous white-boy pop."

And my favourite (courtesy Aquarius Records):

"This band is the fucked up, off-kilter, totally difficult and damaged pop band you've been looking for your whole life. I kid you not."

Some peoples opinions on first listen are quite negative, some have reacted so badly to hearing certain tunes that they have vowed never to listen to the band again. Ridiculing what they do not understand, the music is often compared to "completely deranged fairground music played by a punk band".
What they don't realise, (and we do) is that it is exactly that and they haven't twigged...

CARDIACS have been heard to express admiration for the following bands: